Chief Executive of the Single Financial Guidance Body (SFGB)

Body: Arms Length Body
Appointing Department: Department for Work and Pensions
Sector: Regulation
Location: London
Skills required: Business / Commercial, Communication / Media / Marketing, Regulation
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: £175,000 per annum
Time Requirements: Full time


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Date: 16/07/2018

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Campaign Timeline

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Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

As Chief Executive and Accounting Officer you will be responsible for the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a large, new and significant guidance body responsible for merging the services of three respected organisations.


The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate the exceptional leadership and management skills required throughout the design and development phase of the new organisation, and for the successful and seamless delivery of key services to consumers during the transitional period.


As Chief Executive you will be responsible for working closely with the SFGB Board to provide the vision, direction and leadership in the formulation and achievement of SFGB’s strategies and objectives. This will include ensuring the appropriate business planning, risk management, financial controls, business and people strategies and delivery assurance are in place to develop and maintain the SFGB.


Working collaboratively with the Chair, the Chief Executive will initially focus on the design and development of the new organisation, therefore the job role reflects key start- up and transitional requirements.


The Chief Executive will be responsible for the effective executive leadership and management of the SFGB, within a strategic framework agreed by the Board. You will work collaboratively with the Chair, initially focusing on the design and development of the new organisation therefore the job role reflects key start up and transitional requirements.


After the launch, the Chief Executive will have accountability for:

  • Providing overall leadership and management of operational activities, to achieve the SFGB’s obligations and objectives:
  • Leading the successful transition from three organisations to one single financial guidance body in a way that is seamless to the consumer;
  • Building a new culture and setting the direction for the organisation in a time of change for the short and medium-term, ultimately identifying and delivering efficiencies;
  • Developing strategy proposals for recommendation to the Board, and ensuring that business decisions made and implemented are consistent with the agreed strategy;
  • Ensuring that the SFGB develops and delivers against the framework agreed between the Board and the Department for Work and Pensions as the sponsoring department;
  • Building constructive and effective relationships with Ministers and the Department;
  • Constructing and delivering an external stakeholder engagement plan which should include stakeholders in the industry, the voluntary sector and Devolved Authorities;
  • Developing clear and achievable corporate plans, objectives and annual operating budgets for recommendation to the Board and Department;
  • Exercising the duties and responsibilities of the Accounting Officer as set out in Managing Public Money, and including responsibility for propriety, regularity and value for money;
  • Driving continuous improvement and efficiency in service delivery planning and quality of guidance through measurement of performance and taking action to instigate any remedial action necessary; and
  • Establishing effective management information which enables the Board to assess overall performance of the SFGB.

Person Specification

The Chief Executive will be responsible for the effective executive leadership and management of the SFGB, within a strategic framework agreed by the Board. You will work collaboratively with the Chair, initially focusing on the design and development of the new organisation, therefore the job role reflects key start-up and transitional requirements.

  • A track record of senior leadership with real impact, with the ability to inspire a clear and aligned sense of purpose across a multi-disciplinary organisation which delivers directly and through other delivery partners;
  • Commitment to excellence for customers and the highest standards of service delivery;
  • Ability to develop a vision for the SFGB and lead significant organisational change, whilst delivering efficiency, value for money improvements and commercial outcomes;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively, both internally and externally, to build on and maintain relationships and reputation, commanding confidence;
  • Experience and ability to work collaboratively with a Board and a good understanding of the effective governance necessary to provide assurance that the SFGB is a well-run organisation;
  • Strong analytical skills to help make sound organisational and financial decisions, with the ability to articulate the rationale for them clearly; and
  • A high level of personal integrity and authority with a professional demeanor that quickly earns the respect of others across all the relevant stakeholder groups.

How to Apply

In order for us to progress your application please submit the following completed documentation:

  1. A CV (maximum 2-3 pages) with your educational and professional qualifications and full employment history.
  2. An accompanying Supporting Letter (maximum 2 pages, font 12) – this is your opportunity to demonstrate how you meet each of the criteria set out on page 6 and 7 of the Candidate Pack. You should aim to provide specific examples that demonstrate how your knowledge and experience matches each of the criteria, and which describe what your role was in achieving a specific result.

Please ensure your full name is clearly noted at the top of your letter.

  1. Public Appointment Monitoring Form. This form will not be disclosed to anyone involved in assessing your application. This form includes:


  • Personal information
  • Equal opportunities monitoring declaration;
  • Political activity declaration and
  • Conflicts of interest declaration.


Guaranteed Interview Scheme for Disabled Applicants

The Department for Work and Pensions operates a Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS) for disabled people. The Equality Act 2010 defines a person as disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment and the impairment has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Under the GIS a disabled candidate will be selected for interview if they meet the minimum criteria for the role decided by the selection panel at sift. To ensure fairness, the panel will not be informed of who has applied under the GIS until they have set the minimum criteria at the start of the sift meeting.


If you wish to apply for consideration under the scheme, please complete the Guaranteed Interview Scheme Declaration and send it with your application.

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