Appointment of an Independent Member Trade Union - Powys Teaching Health Board

Body: Powys Teaching Health Board
Appointing Department: Welsh Government
Sector: Health and Social Care
Location: Meetings have been held virtually since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously meetings were held in the PTHB offices, Bronllys, Brecon
Skills required: Regulation
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: As the Independent Member – Trade Union will be an employee of Powys Teaching Health Board they will receive no additional remuneration for undertaking the Independent Member role. Reasonable expenses will be paid.
Time Requirements: 4 days per month

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications

    08/09/2021 at 16:00

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Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

Powys is one of the most rural counties in the UK. Whilst the county is approximately 25% of the landmass of Wales, it has only 5% of the population. The population in Powys is older compared to the rest of Wales and the proportion of older people is growing.  The working age adult population is smaller compared to Wales and it is predicted that the number of young people and working age adults will decrease, whilst the number of older people will increase. It is predicted that there will be an 8% decline in the Powys population by 2039.

The county has a strong network of small towns and villages with a high level of community commitment and a strong voluntary sector. Unemployment is low, however Powys has a low income economy with low average earnings and house prices that are high when compared to other areas in Wales. Five areas (Lower Super Output Areas) are among the most deprived 30% in Wales, clustered around the main market towns with higher residential populations.

There are generally good health outcomes in the County and people live longer and spend more years in good health than the national average, eating a healthier diet and being more physically active. Fewer people feel lonely and there is a greater sense of community and satisfaction with life.  83% report that they feel they belong to their local area, compared to 75% in Wales as a whole. However, whilst general health is good, there are issues that have informed our long term strategy. 1 in 5 people still smoke, 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese on entering school and 6 in 10 adults are overweight or obese. Health inequalities amongst people living in the most deprived areas of Powys are significant; a child born in the most deprived area lives approximately 10 years (boys) to 14 years (girls) less than a child born in the least deprived area.

Powys Teaching Health Board is both a commissioner and a direct provider of healthcare and different to other health boards in Wales in relation to the proportion of services that are provided to the population by other health care providers.
The health board’s budget is circa £300m. 50% is spent on secondary and specialist care, 20% is spent on primary care and 30% is spent on directly provided services.
The directly provided services are delivered through a network of community services and community hospitals which includes mental health, learning disabilities, maternity and children’s services.  Care is also provided in Powys through primary care contractors such as General Practices, Dental Practices, Pharmacists and Optometrists, as well as the Third Sector. There is also provision of an increasing range of consultant, nurse and therapy led outpatient sessions, day theatre and diagnostics in community facilities, bringing care closer into Powys itself and closer to people’s own communities and homes.

In relation to commissioning, there are some unique characteristics that set the Powys context. Being an entirely rural County with no major urban conurbations and no acute general hospitals, people in Powys have to travel outside the county for many services, including secondary and specialist healthcare, higher education, employment and leisure.

The health board buys services on behalf of the population from 15 main NHS provider organisations across England and Wales. Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust makes up the largest proportion of our commissioned activity and Wye Valley NHS Trust is the second largest. In Wales, the health board buys services from Hywel Dda, Aneurin Bevan, Swansea Bay and Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Boards and others in smaller proportions.  This covers all specialities, however PTHB is not the majority commissioner of any acute provider.

Independent Members will among other things:

•    Play a full and active role in the governance of the Powys Teaching Health Board, both clinical and corporate.  You will take an active part in discussions, providing your opinion and challenge and support to the Board on key issues.
•    Contribute to the work of the Board based upon your independence, your  past experience and knowledge, and your ability to stand back from the day to day operational management;
•    Contribute and accept corporate decisions to ensure a joined up, robust and transparent decision making process by the Board;
•    Be expected, in time, to fully understand the business through active involvement to enable the effective performance of the organisation;
•    Work closely with other public, private and voluntary organisations and will make sure that the views of patients, carers and families are fully involved in helping to shape, develop and improve services;
•    Analyse and critically review complex information and contribute to sound decision making.
•    Ability to contribute to the ‘governance and finance’ of the Health Board, ensuring it is open and honest in its work by contributing fully in the decision making process.

Person Specification

To be considered, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the qualities, skills and experience to meet all the essential criteria for appointment.

Essential Role Specific Criteria
You must be a member of a recognised trade union in relation to employment matters and a current employee of Powys Teaching Health Board.

You will be able to demonstrate:
•    A knowledge and understanding of trade union matters in the area served by Powys Teaching Health Board.
•    Ability to apply your knowledge and understanding of trade union matters in a strategic board setting.

Knowledge and Experience
•    An understanding of health issues and priorities in the Powys Teaching Health Board area and the ability to understand the role and work of the Board;
•    Ability to hold the executive to account for performance whilst maintaining a constructive relationship;
•    Ability to provide a knowledgeable, impartial and balanced perspective on a range of sensitive and complex issues;
•    A broad understanding of the information governance requirements required to comply with legislation e.g. Data Protection Act

Candidates must also demonstrate:
•    A clear understanding and commitment to equality and diversity.
•    A clear understanding and commitment to Nolan’s ‘Seven Principles of Public Life’.

Additional Information

For further information regarding the selection process, please contact:

Public Appointments Team

Public Bodies Unit


For further information regarding the role of the Powys Teaching Health Board and the role of Independent Member – Trade Union, please contact the Chair of Powys Teaching Health Board, Professor Vivienne Harpwood on:

Tel: 01874 712643


 If you need any further assistance in applying for this role, please contact

For further information about Public Appointments in Wales, please visit

Information pack for applicants (E) - Independent Member (Trade Union) - Powys Teaching Health Board
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