Appointment of Chair - Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group

Body: Wales Animal Health & Welfare Framework Group
Appointing Department: Welsh Government
Sector: Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Location: Framework Group meetings will usually be held in Cardiff, however there may be occasions when attendance at meetings is required elsewhere in the United Kingdom.
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: The post is remunerated at £114 per day and the remuneration will be paid per meeting. The post of the member will be at £114 per day. Members are regarded as holders of an office for tax and National Insurance purposes. Fees payable will, as a result, be chargeable to tax under Section 62 of the Income Tax Earnings and Pensions Act 2003 and subject to Class 1 National Insurance contributions. These liabilities will be deducted via the Welsh Government payroll system and the net fee paid to the office holder. Travel and subsistence expenses you incur in attending Wales Animal Health & Welfare Framework Group meetings or on visits on behalf of the Wales Animal Health & Welfare Framework Group will be reimbursed by Welsh Government within the recognised limits. Claims for reimbursement should be made to Professor Christianne Glossop, the Chief Veterinary Officer, Wales.
Time Requirements: The Chair and members of the Framework Group will be expected to be available to attend four meetings a year. A day should be set aside for each meeting and a further day to prepare prior to each meeting. It is likely there will also be demand led days and it is estimated this could equate to an extra 12 days per year. Therefore, the role will require a minimum time commitment of approximately 20 days per year.

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications


  • Panel Sift


  • Final Interview Date


  • Announcement


Vacancy Description

Role description

  • The Chair will work closely with the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales to deliver the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework 
  • Work with the Framework Group and Welsh Government officials to ensure Animal Health and Welfare is taken into account the UK exits the European Union
  • Ensure the welfare of both livestock and companion animals remain at the heart of Group deliberations
  • Ensure welfare and disease priorities are agreed by the Framework Group and that pragmatic and attainable objectives are set and reviewed annually
  • Ensure work on the agreed disease priorities is taken forward and delivered by individual organisations as well as collaboratively by the Framework Group
  • Assisting the Framework Group to establish and maintain appropriate links with stakeholders across Wales and GB including the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England
  • Ensure the Framework Group acts in accordance with the Well Being of Futures Generations (Wales) Act 2015
  • Ensure the Framework Group provides strategic guidance and effective challenge to industry
  • Ensure the Framework Group is focused on and shares a common vision to meet the Group priorities and objectives
  • Represent the Framework Group at appropriate events and meetings
  • Represent the views of the Framework Group to Welsh Ministers,
  • Ensure key and appropriate issues are discussed by the Framework Group in a timely and effective manner
  • Encourage members of the Framework Group to influence and promote high standards of animal health & welfare throughout the whole of Wales
  • Agree with the Wales Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales and the Framework Group agendas for meetings
  • Approve Framework Group minutes
  • Enable all members to make a full contribution to the work of the Framework Group and ensure the Group acts as a team
  • Raise the profile of the Framework Group and the work being done, under this high-profile agenda, effectively and in the public domain

Terms of Appointment

  • Appointments will be made by The Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning & Rural Affairs on behalf of the Welsh Government.

Start Date

  • 1st June 2018.

Duration of Appointment

  • The appointment will be for three years.

Person Specification

The Chair will demonstrate the following qualities and skills:

  • Effective leadership skills that encourage commitment, pace, innovation and flexibility from the Framework Group members
  • Commitment to continuously improve the health and welfare of farmed and companion animals in Wales
  • Ability to think innovatively, provide constructive challenge where appropriate and support a culture of change
  • An understanding of the wider Animal Health & Welfare Agenda in Wales. An understand of the livestock industry and companion animal sector
  • Excellent influencing and communication skills, including the ability to inspire confidence and build relationships
  • The ability to act as an ambassador for the Framework Group; collaborating with key stakeholders, including Ministers, Industry, Farmers and Third Sector organisations
  • The ability to work well as part of a team

Essential Criteria

  • Personal integrity and resilience, demonstrable independence and other attitudes consistent with the expectations of public facing role 
  • An ability to drive forward a clear strategic vision across a multifaceted industry 
  • The ability to drive innovation and deliver cultural change and an understanding of how organisations are shaped by a changing environment
  • Significant experience of chairing meetings and eventsWelsh Language Skills
  • Non essential

Additional Information


Applicants should be persons who conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will maintain public confidence.

In particular, applicants are required to declare whether they are aware of anything in their private or professional life that would be an embarrassment to themselves or to the Welsh Government if it became known in the event of appointment.

Applicants should also note that being a member of Wales Animal Health & Welfare Framework Group is a disqualifying post for membership of the National Assembly for Wales under the National Assembly for Wales (Disqualification) order 2015.]

Conflict of Interests

You will be asked to declare any private interests which may, or may be perceived to, conflict with the role and responsibilities as Chair of Wales Animal Health & Welfare Framework Group, including any business interests and positions of authority outside of the role.

Any conflicts of interest will be explored at interview. If appointed, you will also be required to declare these interests on a register which is available to the public.

Standards in public life

You will be expected to demonstrate high standards of corporate and personal conduct. All successful candidates will be asked to subscribe to the Code of Conduct for Board Members of Public Bodies, you can access this document at:


The Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group was set up to support the development and implementation of the Achieving High Standards Together – A Framework for Animal Health and Welfare in Wales. As part of this pivotal role, it will ensure that there is a recognised link between the Welsh Government, livestock keepers, other animal owners and industry representatives, covering the whole spectrum of animal health & welfare issues.

The Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework sets out our plan for continuing and lasting improvements in standards of animal health and welfare for kept animals, whilst also helping to protect public health and making a contribution to the economy and the environment.

The overarching objectives of the Framework are to build on the progress made in Wales to raise standards of animal health and welfare by:

  •  Using an approach focussed on delivery to achieve shared outcomes
  •  Working in partnership to develop a robust monitoring and evaluation framework, underpinned by a strong evidence base.

The long term vision for animal health and welfare in Wales is described through five strategic outcomes:

  •  Wales has healthy productive animals
  •  Animals in Wales have a good quality of life
  •  People trust and have confidence in the way food is produced and the way public health is protected
  •  Wales has a thriving rural economy
  •  Wales has a high quality environment.


The Group appointed by the Minister for Natural Resources and Food in June 2014 serves as an advisory and consultative role rather than a decision-making one. The Group does not have the autonomy to make decisions on how funding will be allocated, sign off Service Level Agreements with delivery bodies, approve contingency plans or approve submissions. Members will serve in an individual capacity and not represent any organisations. Members will not be entitled to nominate alternates to attend in their absence.

The Group consists of experts who advise the Welsh Government on the whole spectrum of animal health & welfare issues.

The appointed panel members are from a range of backgrounds. They have been appointed to ensure that the views of livestock keepers, animal owners and the veterinary profession are reflected in the framework.

The Groups responsibilities include:

  • Raise and consider new issues which could potentially impact on achieving the strategic outcomes within the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework
  • Consider delivery of outcomes and priorities, especially important in current and future climate of pressurised resources
  • Challenge new and emerging policy
  • Liaise with and gain information from industry to better inform decisions
  • Ensure continuous reviews of progress, identify, deliver and where required facilitate improvements and projects
  • Facilitate and streamline communication of key messages & flow of information as part of a broader communications strategy
  • Establish and maintain links to industry organisations and representative Groups, the wider agricultural and rural economy as well as to areas such as human health, education, tackling poverty etc
  • Perform a representative role – members can act as spokespeople on animal health & welfare issues.

The Groups Priorities are:

  • Animal Health Planning
  • Anthelmintic Resistance
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Biosecurity
  • Bovine Viral Diarrhoea
  • Engagement with the Welfare Sector (Equine and Companion Animals)
  • Increased Collaboration and Partnership Working
  • Sheep Scab
  • Sheep Lameness.



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