Civil Procedure Rule Committee - Two legally qualified members and one member with experience in and knowledge of the lay advice sector or consumer affairs

Body: Civil Procedure Rule Committee
Appointing Department: Ministry of Justice
Sector: Regulation
Location: London
Skills required: Legal / Judicial, Regulation
Number of Vacancies: 3
Remuneration: The role is unremunerated, but reasonable out-of-pocket expenses (including travel) will be payable.
Time Requirements: Nine committee meetings yearly plus additional sub-committee meetings

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications


  • Panel Sift


  • Final Interview Date


  • Announcement



Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

Members of the Committee have collective responsibility for the operation of the CPRC. They must:

  • Engage fully in collective consideration of the issues, taking account of the full range of relevant factors, including any guidance issued by the Ministry of Justice or by the Lord Chancellor.
  • Ensure that its responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act (including prompt responses to public requests for information) are discharged; agree an Annual Report; and, where practicable and appropriate, hold at least one public meeting a year.
  • Respond appropriately to complaints, if necessary with reference to the Ministry of Justice.

Ensure that the Committee does not exceed its powers or functions.

Person Specification

Essential Criteria

Candidates will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Interest in the broad field of law concerning civil courts and rule making process
  • Commitment to reflecting the needs of end users in that process
  • Evidence of committee working and relevant inter-personal skills
  • Ability to deal confidently with legal specialists; judiciary and lawyers


For the role as lay member you must also be able to evidence:

  • Experience in and knowledge of the lay advice sector or consumer affairs

Additional Information


There must be no employment restrictions, or limit on your permitted stay in the UK.

We welcome applications from all those who are eligible.

However, as the CPRC was established to carry out an independent function at arm’s length from the Government, we are mindful that appointing someone who is employed by a government department might compromise that independence – or perception of independence – as well as diminishing the confidence of stakeholders and the general public.

If you are in receipt of a salary from a government department and wish to apply, you should expect that – if selected for interview – the Advisory Assessment Panel (AAP) will explore whether any perceived or real conflicts of interest might exist if you were to be appointed and, if so, how this might be managed or mitigated. The latter might include an undertaking to resign from government employment, if appointed, and – if considered appropriate – for there to be an interval between resignation and taking up appointment to the CPRC.

Legally qualified members must hold the necessary professional qualification as provided at section 2(2)(f) of the Civil Procedure Act 1997, where eligible candidates must have been authorised by a relevant approved regulator to conduct litigation in relation to all proceedings in the Senior Courts.

Lay members, in accordance with section 2(2)(g) of the Civil Procedure Act 1997, must have experience in and knowledge of the lay advice sector or consumer affairs.

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