CMA - Non-Executive Director

Body: Competition and Markets Authority
Appointing Department: Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Sector: Business, Finance & Skills
Location: London
Skills required: Business / Commercial
Number of Vacancies: Up to 3
Remuneration: £27,000 per year
Time Requirements: Approximately 3 days a month for up to 5 years


An announcement has been made on the outcome of this appointment.

Business Secretary Greg Clark has appointed Cynthia Dubin as a non-executive director and Robin Foster, Colleen Keck, Karthik Subramanya, Shrinivas Honap and Maria da Cunha as panel members to the Competition and Markets Authority(CMA)

Date: 07/02/2019

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Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

The Organisation

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) works to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, both within and outside the UK. Its aim is to make markets work well for consumers, businesses and the economy, with a strong consumer protection role. In order to meet these responsibilities it operates with flexibility, speed and transparency.

The CMA is an independent non-ministerial department based in London. It has over 600 employees and has representatives in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

From 1 April 2014, it took over many of the functions of the Competition Commission and the Office of Fair Trading.


The CMA’s key functions

The CMA’s main activity is to operate the antitrust, mergers and market regimes; provide advice and guidance to businesses to help them understand and comply with competition law; promote consumer protection; assess challenges to sector regulators’ decisions; and resolve disputes relating to licence and price modification proposals.

This is a critical time for the CMA as it is expected that there will be an increase in casework following the UK’s exit from the EU. The CMA will also run cases involving major worldwide companies.


The CMA Board

The CMA Board sets the strategic direction, policy framework, and priorities of the organisation, and monitors its performance against its objectives. The Board plays a key check and balance role, ensuring that the CMA’s independence is maintained.

It takes substantive decisions on publishing market study notices and whether to refer a market for a more detailed investigation. The Board also ensures that the CMA fulfils its statutory duties with effective use of public funds.


Role Purpose

Non-Executive Directors will sit on the Board which has a responsibility to:

  • provide strategic direction and leadership that delivers the Government’s agenda, taking into account the UK legal framework;
  • develop, set and shape business plans;
  • scrutinise CMA’s performance in meeting its goals while supporting and constructively challenging the executive team;
  • hold the Chief Executive and executive team to account;
  • make fair and justifiable decisions on publishing market study notices and whether to refer a market for a more detailed investigation (i.e. “Phase 2 investigation”);
  • contribute to the establishment of rules of procedure for merger reference groups, market reference groups, and special reference groups;
  • maintain high-level relationships with key stakeholders;
  • ensure policies are in place to manage risks to the CMA’s operations and the achievement of its objectives;
  • maintain a sound system of financial control; and
  • take a strong lead on issues such as equality and diversity.


NEDs may also be asked to serve on the CMA’s Audit and Risk and Remuneration Committees and on Competition Act 1998 Case Decision Groups.

We seek to appoint up to 3 NEDs as members of the CMA Board who could drive these responsibilities forward.

The Board is composed of a Non-Executive Chair and other members (including the Chief Executive and Executive Directors).

The Board meets on average 11 times a year. Meetings are held in the CMA’s London office. The Board sometimes has meetings in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


Person Specification

We are seeking candidates who have a diverse range of skills and experience and would welcome candidates with experience in business, government, public policy and/or the voluntary sector.

Given the increasing importance of the digital and technology sectors to the economy, we would also welcome candidates with experience in these areas.

Candidates are likely to have the following attributes:

  • business/commercial/financial/public policy experience in private, public or voluntary sectors;
  • an ability to engage and build relationships with the CMA’s main stakeholders, acting as a strong advocate for competition and consumers;
  • an ability to develop strategy and provide strategic direction in a way that ensures the CMA fulfils its statutory duties;
  • an ability to effectively analyse and provide solutions to a variety of complex competition and consumer issues;
  • an ability to critically and impartially appraise complex economic analysis and legal concepts;
  • Relationship building and influencing skills; and
  • an ability to absorb details of financial and corporate governance issues.

How to Apply

The closing date for applications is 18 June 2018.

Please ensure you submit an up to date CV, Cover Letter, application form and Diversity monitoring form by email to Please ensure you Name your email “CMA NED Application”.

Alternatively, you can send your application in hard copy to:

Public Appointments Team, 7th Floor, Spur 2, BEIS, 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H OET

Applicant packs can be provided in other formats upon request.

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