Commissioner of the Forestry Commission

Body: Forestry Commission (FC)
Appointing Department: Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Sector: Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Location: Flexible
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: The daily rate for each Commissioner will be £409. Reasonable travel expenses are also paid. The roles are non-pensionable.
Time Requirements: 30 days per year

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications

    12/04/2022 at 12:00

  • Panel Sift


  • Final Interview Date


  • Announcement

    Late June/early July


Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

The Forestry Commission (FC) Board of Commissioners plays an important role in the delivery of the FC’s objectives. It sets the strategic direction, provides leadership for FC activities, directs the executive in the conduct of business and allocates resources to meet the FC’s objectives.

The Board has an important role in overseeing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the FC’s strategy and objectives, building effective strategic partnerships to support the organisation and its aims. It promotes good governance and sound decision making across the organisation.

The Board needs to formulate and discuss strategic subjects in a coherent and structured way and ensure that communication with stakeholders is transparent and effective.

Board members are expected to work collaboratively, contributing effectively and constructively challenging group discussions involving a wide range of subject matter and people, including technical specialists and professionals. They are expected to represent the FC and its values at external events and engage with local teams to help support and promote the work of the FC at an operational level.

Commissioners are appointed to the Forestry Commission Board by HM the Queen on the recommendation of Defra Ministers and are required to promote the interests of forestry, the development of afforestation and the production and supply of timber. In doing this, they must seek a reasonable balance between the production and supply of timber and the interests of conservation.

Person Specification

Candidates must be able to demonstrate all of the following essential criteria:

1. An ability to analyse issues at a strategic level in ways which are impartial, creative and focused on finding solutions.

2. Exceptional communication skills, high level of personal impact and the ability to provide constructive and independent leadership, challenge and support to the Board of a complex organisation.

3. Demonstrable ability to support an organisation through a period of significant operational and cultural change.

4. A proven ability to influence and engage a strong and diverse network of people and organisations, and the ability to inspire confidence in stakeholders at all levels

5. Expertise in ecology, arboriculture, forestry, woodland and/or land management. Including knowledge of the key drivers, competing priorities and challenges faced by landowners in England.

Additional Information

We actively encourage applications from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

1_FC candidate pack
2_Monitoring form 1 (Conflicts of interest conduct and advertising Questionnaire)
3_Monitoring form 2 (Diversity Questionnaire)
4_Public Appointments Guidance Notes
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