Committee Member of the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland and Office of the Advocate General, Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

Body: Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland and the Office of the Advocate General for Scotland
Appointing Department: Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland and OAG
Sectors: Business, Finance & Skills, Charity & Public Sector, Judicial, Prison & Policing, Regulation
Location: Travel will be required between London and Edinburgh, with current engagement and meetings conducted virtually.
Skills required: Accountancy, Audit and Risk, Business / Commercial, Change Management, Legal / Judicial, Major Projects, Procurement, Regulation, Transformation
Number of Vacancies: 2
Remuneration: £200 per meeting of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, or meeting connected to the work of the Committee, for role of OSSS and OAG Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Member. The Offices’ will pay reasonable travel expenses incurred whilst undertaking work for the Offices’ Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.
Time Requirements: Preparation for and attendance at up to 5 Committee meetings per annum, with regular contact and communication throughout the year. In addition to Committee meetings there will be up to 12 risk deep-dive sessions with SLT and other potential mentoring of individuals or projects. 3 Year fixed-term contract.
Closing Date: 01/02/2021

This is not a ministerial appointment.

Vacancy Description

An exciting opportunity has arisen to become a member of the OSSS and OAG Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, part of the core governance framework which the departments rely upon to effectively operate and deliver on their strategic outcomes, ensuring that the Accounting Officer has the necessary financial assurances. This role offers a unique perspective on the Scottish political landscape.

A member of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee should be independent, possess a good understanding of governance, risk and control, together with knowledge of accounting and business, and have broad experience of organisational change in large businesses/ corporations, together with the ability to grasp complex issues very quickly.

The role of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee member is to advise the Board and Accounting Officer via the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee on matters of financial accountability, risk, control, assurance and governance by understanding the objectives of the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland (OSSS) and Office of the Advocate General (OAG) and the Offices’ current significant issues and risks.

Committee members will:

  • Support the Chair of the OSSS and OAG Audit and Risk Assurance Committee to deliver on its agreed Terms of Reference, including the scrutiny of the Annual Accounts.
  • Ensure that the Committee oversees the compliance with the corporate governance code and to report to the OSSS and OAG Joint Management Board; and
  • Provide support to the Committee Chair; Lead NED and other NEDs to ensure that the right issues are addressed.

Person Specification

Committee Members should have the following skills:

  • Leadership Skills – support the Chair of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee on setting the right agendas, providing a forward look  and support the Chair to provide clear and robust advise  to the Board and Principal Accounting Officer;
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills – should be engaged in building relationships across the OSSS and OAG and with Non-Executive Directors on the Board;
  • Financial, accountancy or audit qualifications/experience are desirable, but not compulsory;
  • Experience of risk, performance, financial and change management
  • An understanding of the key challenges faced by the public sector (particularly around the efficiency agenda) and the ability to bring their experience to bear on these challenges;
  • The ability to contribute and inspire confidence with a wide range of stakeholders both in formal environments (such as in Committee meetings) and in less formal environments (such as one-to-one meetings with Committee members, officials and Non-Executive Directors);
  • Sound judgement and a high level of integrity (including when dealing with confidential or sensitive issues) and a commitment to the seven principles of conduct in public life (; and
  • A genuine interest in contributing to the effective running of the Departments, at the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee and (as appropriate), elsewhere in the Departments;
  • Desirable to have knowledge of the policy environment in which the OSSS and OAG operates.
  • Desirable to have experience of legal practice.

Additional Information

The OSSS and the OAG occupy a unique place at the heart of the UK Government as the UK moves forward on an ever-evolving constitutional journey. In recent years, the departments have been at the centre of the transfer of further powers to the Scottish Parliament and our constitutional work will continue ensuring that Scotland’s views are fully represented in the EU Transition process.

The OSSS is responsible for not only the £8.9m administration cost of the OSSS and OAG but also the £0.4m sponsorship of the Boundary Commission for Scotland and the transfer of £28 billion funding to the Scottish Consolidated Fund which funds the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament.

The strategic objectives of the OSSS are:

  • To strengthen and sustain the Union: to act as custodians of the devolution settlement;
  • Support economic growth in Scotland; and
  • To champion the UK Government in Scotland: to represent and advocate the UK Government’s policies and achievements in Scotland.

The Office of the Advocate General’s Five Strategic Objectives are:

  • Providing Advice on Policy and Legislation.
  • Protecting the UK Government’s Interests in the Courts.
  • Strengthening and Sustaining the Union.
  • Helping to Ensure that Devolution Works.
  • Supporting Ministers.

How to Apply

Please send a cv, covering letter and the contact details of two referees who are in a position to comment professionally about your suitability for the post with a brief indication of how long and in what position they know you. Referees will not be contacted unless a candidate is selected for interview.

Megan-Rose Duffy, Policy and Governance Officer,

This post is NOT regulated by The Commissioner for Public Appointments.

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