Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC) Non-executive Board Members x3

Body: Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
Appointing Department: Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
Sectors: Business, Finance & Skills, Communities
Location: The Observatory, Castle Hill Drive, Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet Valley, DA10 1EE
Skills required: Audit and Risk, Major Projects
Number of Vacancies: 3
Remuneration: For the ARAC Chair role - £18,000 per annum; for the Civil Engineering role - £12,000 per annum; and for the Placemaking etc role - £12,000 per annum.
Time Requirements: For the ARAC Chair role - a minimum of 3 days per month; for the Civil Engineering role - a minimum of 2 days per month; and for the Placemaking etc role - a minimum of 2 days per month.

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications


  • Panel Sift


  • Final Interview Date


  • Announcement

    Mid-July 2022 TBC


Assessment Panel

  • Cathy Francis Added 11/06/2021

    Panel Chair

    Director of Housing Delivery, DLUHC • Departmental Official

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  • Simon Dudley Added 11/06/2021

    Chair of the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation • Representative of Organisation

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  • Professor Sadie Morgan Added 03/11/2021

    Board Member, Homes England • Independent Member

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  • Dr Samuel Hughes Added 10/10/2021

    Senior Fellow, Policy Exchange (Built Environment) • Other Panel Member

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Vacancy Description

The Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC) is an Arm’s Length Body of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities set up to deliver a new Garden City of up to 15,000 homes at Ebbsfleet in North Kent.  We are aiming to appoint three new Members to the EDC Board: 1) Someone with a good understanding of the role of audit to chair the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee; 2) A Civil Engineer to provide insight into the delivery of EDC’s infrastructure; and 3) Someone with expertise in the wider field of placemaking to help make Ebbsfleet a great place to live.

EDC Board members are responsible for:

  • Setting the strategic direction for the Corporation;
  • Overseeing and driving the successful delivery of the Corporation’s remit;
  • Holding the Corporation’s management to account for the effective use of public funds and driving value for money by receiving and reviewing regular financial data and other information concerning the management of the Corporation;
  • Ensuring that the Corporation’s affairs are conducted with probity and that high standards of corporate governance are observed at all times – abiding by the framework agreement with DLUHC and any subsidiary documents thereof;
  • Ensuring that the Board operates within the limits of its statutory authority and in accordance with the authority delegated from its sponsoring Department and with guidance issued by it;
  • Complying at all times with the rules relating to the use of public funds and to conflicts of interest; and
  • Acting in accordance with the Seven Principles of Public Life (see Candidate Pack).
  • The ARAC Chair will also have responsibility for giving assurance to the EDC Board on behalf of the ARAC by contributing impartial advice on the adequacy of assurances given on financial and risk management, internal controls, internal and external audit arrangements and on any implications for corporate governance.

Person Specification

Essential Criteria:

1. A strong track record of making effective decisions on significant issues within the private, public or voluntary sectors;

2. Excellent communication, interpersonal and engagement skills with the ability to contribute constructively to collective decision-making processes by listening to others and earning the respect of colleagues;

3. The ability to work effectively with others to challenge, support and hold an organisation to account for the delivery of its strategic aims and objectives;

4. Strong analytical skills with an ability to get to grips with complex issues.

5. We are looking for 1 person to Chair the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC) with experience of sound financial risk and performance management by using performance information to scrutinise and approve the allocation of resources to achieve planned outcomes;

6. We are looking for 1 person with a background in Civil Engineering; and

7. We are looking for 1 person with knowledge, experience and achievement in relation to one, or ideally more, of the following areas – Placemaking*; the Built Environment; Sustainability; Architecture and / or Design.

*Placemaking defined as ‘designing or redesigning public places to be more useful, communal, safe, etc, especially with input from the communities using them’

Desirable Criteria:

1. For the ARAC Chair role: ARAC/ARC chair or member experience or senior professional finance/audit experience, e.g. Chief Finance Officer;

2. For the Civil Engineering and Placemaking etc roles: previous engagement in residential development projects

Additional Information

The EDC Board: The EDC Board Chair and Members have collective corporate responsibility for ensuring that the Corporation discharges its functions effectively and efficiently; that it fulfils the overall aims, objectives and priorities set out in its corporate plan; and that it complies with all statutory or administrative requirements relating to the use of public funds.​ As a general rule Non-executive Directors (NEDs) are expected to attend the 9 meetings of the Board each year in person in Ebbsfleet. However, remote access will be considered on an individual basis in exceptional circumstances. These meetings tend to cover the normal daytime working period (approximately 10.00am – 6pm).

Information about the current Board can be found at http://ebbsfleetdc.org.uk/about-us/meet-the-board/.

EDC Sub-committees: As well as attending Board meetings, the successful candidates will be expected to volunteer for other roles, for example on Board sub-committees, or other EDC Boards that include Non-executive Directors (NEDs), such as the EDC Infrastructure and Investment Panel, or the Ebbsfleet Central Project Board. These committees will often be open to NEDs to attend virtually rather than in person at Ebbsfleet.

The Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC) is a sub-committee of the EDC Board. It reviews assurances on governance, risk, internal control and integrity of accounting and reporting procedures. The ARAC is responsible for assessing and assuring the Corporation’s overall risk management framework and for ensuring financial propriety. The Committee gives independent advice to the Accounting Officer on the adequacy of audit arrangements (internal and external) and on the assurances received on the existence and effectiveness of systems for accountability and control in the organisation.

It is the intention that two of the three successful candidates will also be required to take on two of the Trustee / Director roles for the new Ebbsfleet Garden City Trust and that one will join the EDC Planning Committee as a member.

Information about Board Governance and the role of non-executives can be found in the Cabinet Office’s guidance at Public Bodies Non-Executive Directors: Principles and Standards.

Guidance on Conflicts of Interest and Conduct - EDC Board Members 2021
EDC NED Board Member Candidate Pack (Final extended)
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