Independent Member (Third Sector) - Powys Teaching Health Board

Body: Powys Teaching Health Board
Appointing Department: Welsh Government
Sector: Health and Social Care
Location: The Board will continue to meet virtually for most Committee and Board meetings. Meetings in person are mainly held in Bronllys, Brecon but there maybe times when meetings take place across Powys
Skills required: Regulation
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: £9,360 per annum plus travel and other reasonable expenses within reasonable limits
Time Requirements: 4 days per month

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    30/03/2022 at 16:00

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Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

Powys Teaching Health Board
Powys is one of the most rural counties in the UK. Whilst the county is approximately 25% of the landmass of Wales, it has only 5% of the population. The population in Powys is older compared to the rest of Wales and the proportion of older people is growing.  The working age adult population is smaller compared to Wales and it is predicted that the number of young people and working age adults will decrease, whilst the number of older people will increase. It is predicted that there will be an 8% decline in the Powys population by 2039.

The Board
The purpose of NHS Boards is to govern effectively and in doing so to build public and stakeholder confidence that their health and healthcare is in safe hands. This fundamental accountability to the public and stakeholders is delivered by building confidence:
•    In the quality and safety of health services.
•    That resources are invested in a way that delivers optimal health outcomes.
•    In the accessibility and responsiveness of health services.
•    That the public can appropriately shape health services to meet their needs.
•    That public money is spent in a way that is efficient and provides value for money.
The three key roles through which the Board demonstrates leadership within the organisation are:
•    Formulating strategy.
•    Ensuring accountability by holding the organisation to account for the delivery of the strategy and through seeking assurance that systems of control are robust and reliable.
•    Shaping a positive culture for the Board and the organisation.

Role and responsibilities

The Independent Member – Third Sector will:
•    Play a full and active role in the clinical and corporate governance of the Health Board and be expected to bring to the Board an independent judgement on issues of performance, key appointments, looking ahead and accountability;
•    Contribute to the work of the Board based on your independence, your past experience and knowledge, and your ability to stand back from the day to day operational management of the organisation;
•    Contribute to and accept corporate decisions to ensure a joined up, robust and transparent decision-making process on the part of the Board; The Local Health Board (Constitution, Membership and Procedures) (Wales) Regulations 2009
•    Be expected, in time, to understand fully the business of the Health Board through active involvement in key committees to enable the effective performance of the Board;
•    Work closely with other public, private and voluntary organisations and ensure that the views of patients, carers and families are considered fully in helping to shape, develop and improve services.

Person Specification

You must be an employee or a member of a voluntary organisation that operates within the Board’s area.

Essential Role Specific Criteria
You will be able to demonstrate:
•    A knowledge and understanding of the third sector across the Powys Teaching Health Board area.
•    The ability to apply your knowledge and understanding of third sector matters in a strategic Board environment

Knowledge & Experience
•    An understanding of health issues and priorities in the Powys Teaching Health Board area and the ability to understand the role and work of the Board;
•    Ability to hold the executive to account for performance whilst maintaining a constructive relationship;
•    Ability to provide a knowledgeable, impartial and balanced perspective on a range of sensitive and complex issues;
•    A broad understanding of the information governance requirements required to comply with legislation e.g. Data Protection Act
•    Experience of working within communities and an ability to involve and work with stakeholders to help shape, develop and improve services
•    A knowledge and understanding of working in multi-agency and cross-sectoral partnership

Candidates must also demonstrate:
•    A clear understanding and commitment to equality issues and challenging discriminatory practices.
•    A clear understanding and commitment to Nolan’s ‘Seven Principles of Public Life’.

Welsh Language
The Welsh Language skill level for this appointment is Desirable

Additional Information


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