Members of the British Transport Police Authority

Body: Department for Transport
Appointing Department: Department for Transport
Sectors: Prison & Policing, Transport
Location: London
Skills required: Business / Commercial, Legal / Judicial, Transformation
Number of Vacancies: 4
Remuneration: £16,497 per annum
Time Requirements: 30 days per year

Campaign Timeline

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  • Closed for Applications


  • Panel Sift


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Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

Members of the BTPA play an active role in working towards ensuring that an effective and efficient police service is provided on the railways. Collectively, the BTPA will be accountable for the discharge of the responsibilities set out in the legislation. Members’ primary responsibility will be to the work of the BTPA as a whole rather than as a representative of any area from which they may come.

In order to fulfil this role, the Secretary of State expects that a Member will be required to commit 30 days a year to BTPA business, although this may not necessarily arise in a regular pattern. Whilst the majority of the work will take place in Camden in London, where both the BTPA and BTP Force headquarters are based, there may be some requirement to travel to other parts of the country where the BTP operates.

This current recruitment exercise is to find up to four new Members of the BTPA with knowledge and experience in one or more of the areas listed below to join the BTPA from early 2019:

  • The interests of persons providing railway services or the interests of railway passengers; and
  • Experience in operating at a senior level in complex organisations; and/or
  • Organisational performance management.

We would also encourage applications from candidates from a broader background with other relevant skills. We would be particularly interested in hearing from applicants who can additionally demonstrate knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • legal;
  • policing governance;
  • business planning; or
  • commercial contracting.

In appointing members of the BTPA, the Secretary of State will also have regard to the desirability of appointing persons who have experience of and have shown capacity in relation to matters relevant to the policing of railways or policing more generally.


  • To carry out collectively all the statutory and locally-determined requirements of a Member of the BTPA, including participation in formulating policy, decision making and contributing to the work of the BTPA in relation to determining the budget and charges to be made to train operators, determining policing priorities, agreeing the annual railways policing plan, best value plan and other issues;
  • BTP has recently launched its strategic transformation programme BTP2021. A key role for Members will be to act as a point of support and challenge to successful implementation of the 2018/21 Strategic Plan.
  • To be involved in the work of the BTPA as directed by the Chair, including membership of any committees, panels or working groups which are established by the BTPA or undertaking a lead role in aspects of work if the BTPA determines that that is an effective way of conducting its business;
  • To take an interest in the regional work of the Force, as agreed by the BTPA; in doing so, members provide strong and effective constructive challenge, as well as support;
  • To comply with all relevant codes of conduct and maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethics, and ensure that the BTPA operates within the legislative, policy and resources framework agreed with the Secretary of State. Members are expected to adhere to the spirit of The Seven Principles of Public Life.

In undertaking this role the Member will be expected to:

  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge and awareness of issues affecting the policing of the railway network;
  • Monitor, scrutinise and constructively challenge all aspects of BTP performance to hold it to account, in particular to ensure the delivery of planned results against agreed objectives, targets and performance indicators;
  • Participate in consultative arrangements that the BTPA establishes, and actively engage in communication and dialogue with the rail industry, the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments, passengers and other stakeholders when required;
  • Effectively represent the views of the BTPA with stakeholders as and when required by the BTPA;
  • Promote equality of opportunity in work to eliminate unlawful discrimination, both internally within the BTPA and the BTP and in the provision of policing services;
  • Attend local, regional and national conferences/seminars/briefings if nominated by the BTPA;
  • Participate in inspections and audits of the BTP and BTPA, as appropriate;
  • Assist the Chair in the strategic direction of the BTPA and corporate business plans; and
  • Support the Chair in overseeing the management of the BTP as a whole.

Person Specification

In addition to the knowledge and experience above, and the ability to devote the necessary time to the role, we are looking for candidates who meet the following criteria:

Essential criteria

  • Proven ability to challenge in a constructive fashion to achieve clear outcomes;
  • Strong team-working and interpersonal skills;
  • Sound judgement and ability to make difficult decisions and manage complex situations with a high degree of personal integrity;
  • Strong strategic judgement, and excellent communication and engagement skills;
  • Proven experience of engaging effectively with the commercial world or transport users;
  • Commitment to an equal opportunities and diversity agenda;
  • Understanding of the broader political context in which the BTP operates.

Desirable criteria

  • Previous board experience or working within a corporate environment;
  • Knowledge and experience in relation to matters relevant to the policing of railways or policing more generally;
  • Knowledge or experience in relation to the successful implementation of transformation programmes;
  • Knowledge and experience in one or more of the areas listed below:
    • Legal,
    • Policing governance,
    • Business planning,
    • Commercial contracting.


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