Non-Executive Directors (Environmental), Harwich Haven Authority

Body: Harwich Haven Authority
Appointing Department: Department for Transport
Sectors: Business, Finance & Skills, Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Transport
Location: Harwich
Number of Vacancies: 2
Remuneration: £13,370 per annum
Time Requirements: 12 days per year

Campaign Timeline

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Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

Harwich Haven Authority is a Trust Port established in 1863 to safeguard the best natural haven on the east coast of England. With its deep natural estuary, it continues to channel economic growth into the UK. As a Trust port, it is responsible for conserving, protecting and improving the 150 square miles of the Haven for the benefit of our stakeholders. With around 40% of the country’s container traffic travelling through the port, its role is critical to the region and UK’s financial success.

The Authority’s role in the Haven’s success is pivotal, from piloting the world’s largest container ships to making sure the waters are safe for the thousands of leisure vessel owners, we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With the tide of global trade constantly changing, it must continually adapt its services to deliver value for money and high-quality services to all customers.

As a Trust port and statutory harbour authority, it is governed by an independent Board charged with acting in the interests of all its stakeholders. As an independent organisation with no shareholders it generates income though the services it provides. This enables the Authority to reinvest financial surplus into the business for the benefit of our stakeholders which include the Department for Transport, local authorities, environmental groups, sailors, residents, community groups and employees and customers.

Over the years, the Authority has evolved techniques, adopted new technologies and honed expertise, but its purpose remains the same – to conserve, protect, and maintain the Haven for the benefit of future generations. With a new Chair at the helm, this is an exciting time for the Authority as it seeks to develop new, more environmentally sustainable ways of working and to set the Authority in its rightful place as an historic but truly modern Trust port.

The Authority seeks two new Non-Executive Directors with expertise in environment / sustainable development or technology or engineering, and will look to these new Directors to bring challenge, passion and fresh perspective to the Board.

Person Specification

The Authority seeks two new Non-Executive Directors who can bring innovative ideas and can contribute effectively, while constructively challenging the Board and bringing fresh and alternative thinking. As the industry as a whole is in the midst of huge culture change, the Authority is also in the process of redefining its 5-10 year vision to reflect an increased focus on environmental protection and enhancement.

The successful candidates will therefore bring either of the following areas of expertise:

Experience of working directly with issues related to environment and sustainable development. They will work to ensure environmental and social issues are always at the forefront of the Board’s mind. They will have a passion for the environment including how businesses can respond to the UK’s climate change goals, evidencing positive professional challenge related to these issues.

Professional experience in an engineering or technical discipline either in an operational or commercial leadership role. Ideally, this candidate will ‘bring the outside in’, highlighting the potential of technology for the marine industry in order to support the strategic direction of the Authority now and in the future.

Both candidates will be able to provide alternate viewpoints and challenge traditional thinking surrounding these issues and must have a passion for influencing change.

How to Apply

Harwich Haven Authority is partnering with Nurole, the leading board-level hiring platform, for this appointment. To find out more and apply, you will need to request Nurole membership (which is free and completely confidential) here, mentioning the keyword HHA2021. Nurole has a few criteria for membership and cannot guarantee an invitation to all who request it but if further assistance is needed, please contact

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