Non-Executive Directors - Sector Development Wales Partnership (Trading as Industry Wales)

Body: Sector Development Wales Partnership (Trading as Industry Wales)
Appointing Department: Welsh Government
Sectors: Business, Finance & Skills, Energy, Science & Technology
Location: The post is based at the Waterton Centre, Bridgend. Board meetings will normally be held at the Centre but meetings could also be held in other locations across Wales. During the current pandemic, meetings are being held virtually.
Number of Vacancies: 5
Remuneration: Appointees are eligible to claim remuneration of £282 per formal meeting, in addition to expenses (subject to Welsh Government Policy)
Time Requirements: 11 days per year

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications

    04/01/2021 at 16:00

  • Panel Sift


  • Final Interview Date


  • Announcement



Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

The Sector Development Wales Partnership (SDWP) was established under the Companies Act 2006 in April 2013. The SDWP (now trading as Industry Wales) is fully accountable to the Welsh Ministers, as a wholly owned subsidiary company limited by guarantee.

The Board will be responsible for ensuring appropriate process and management of governance is active and observed and approve the strategic direction of Industry Wales (IW) in its primary role of supporting Engineering, Technology and Manufacturing businesses in Wales, set within the context of the Welsh Government’s strategic aims, manufacturing framework action plan and post Covid recovery plans.

Role of the Board

  • Support and enhance the working relationship between the private sector and Welsh Government;
  • Develop new approaches to support the private sector to improve the economic prosperity of Wales;
  • Encourage collaborative approaches to sustainable solutions across the private and public sector; and
  • Help strengthen the GVA of Welsh commercial interests on a national and global stage whilst ensuring a wider view of Value Added in regards to social, economic and cultural improvements.

Board Membership

The Board comprises of up to 7 Non-Executive Directors, including CEO and a Chair.

Strategic Advisory Council (SAC)

A separate independent group, the SAC will be established to cover a diverse activity, multiple sectors and other considerations. The SAC will consist of up to 25 members which will be the main review, advice and counsel body. It is expected that this will be chaired by either the IW Board Chair or the CEO.

Non-Executive Directors will be expected to:

  • Support, define and develop strategic direction and set challenging objectives;
  • Promote high standards of public finance, upholding the principles of regularity, propriety and value for money;
  • Ensure Industry Wales’s  activities are conducted efficiently and effectively; and
  • Monitor performance to ensure that Industry Wales fully meets its aims, objectives and performance targets

Person Specification

To be considered, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the qualities, skills and experience to meet all the essential criteria for appointment. Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:

Essential Criteria:

  • An understanding of the Welsh Government’s policies and in particular the Well-Being of Future Generations Act, the Economic Action Plan and its 5 Calls to Action, manufacturing Framework action Plan, Post Covid Recovery Plans and the International Strategy;
  • A clear understanding of the Engineering, Technology and Manufacturing industries within Wales, UK and Internationally and the threats and opportunities it faces, with particular reference to:1. Disruptive technologies, products, markets
    2. Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Industry
    3. Anchoring of supply chains within a low carbon economy;
  • An understanding of the workings of the Welsh Devolved Administration;
  • Effective communication skills with the ability to promote the views of Industry Wales and the industry to media, Government and stakeholders;
  • Good interpersonal skills, able to develop sound relationships with stakeholders and others;
  • A clear understanding and commitment to equality issues and challenging discriminatory practices when appropriate; and
  • An understanding of the importance of maintaining high standards in public life.

Desirable Skills:

The Board would benefit from Members with expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Business, engineering, technologies and Economics,
  • Data Driven Innovation, FinTech, Cyber security and Digital Services;
  • High Value Manufacturing, Advanced Materials and modern construction; and
  • Energy, the Environment and the low carbon economy.
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