Office for the Internal Market - Panel Member

Body: Competition and Markets Authority
Appointing Department: Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Sector: Business, Finance & Skills
Location: The CMA has offices in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Where travel is required expenses will be reimbursed.
Number of Vacancies: Up to 7
Remuneration: Panel members will receive a £400/day fee for their work. Remuneration and expenses are taxable.
Time Requirements: You will be expected to spend approximately 30 days per year on work as a Panel Member, but this will be dependent on case load. 

Campaign Timeline

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  • Final Interview Date

    October 2021

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Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

The Office for the Internal Market (OIM) is being created following the passage of the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020. Established within the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the Act places a duty onto the new body to carry out a set of independent advisory, monitoring, and reporting functions to support the development and effective operation of the UK internal market on an ongoing basis. Once set up later this year, the OIM will analyse the health of the UK internal market and report to the UK Parliament and the devolved legislatures.

At the highest level, the OIM will be guided by and must have regard to the clear objective set out within the Act, which is to support, through the application of economic and other technical expertise, the effective operation of the internal market in the interests of all parts of the United Kingdom, consumers, and those with an interest in its operation.

The OIM will deliver:

  • The provision of non-binding economic and technical reporting and advice: if requested by an administration, the OIM will provide non-binding and expert advice on the potential economic impact of proposed regulations on the UK internal market.
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring: the OIM will undertake macro-level reporting on the health, functioning, and evolution of the UK internal market on an annual basis. In addition to this, it will provide sectoral and regional monitoring and reporting, and periodic system monitoring of the Market Access Principles, including any interaction between and impact of common framework agreements on the operation of the internal market at least once every five years. The provision of this monitoring by the OIM will ensure that emerging trends and developments are identified, and the economic impact of regulations on the UK internal market can be independently assessed.

The OIM will carry out these functions equally in relation to all administrations to support a UK internal market that works equally in the interests of all parts of the UK.

In addition, and consistent with the CMA’s existing powers, the OIM will have a power to proactively gather information from businesses, consumers, and public bodies to support its advisory, monitoring and reporting functions. This will allow reports and monitoring to be based on timely, rigorous, and accurate evidence.

Panel Members will deliver the work of the OIM by:

  • Supporting the OIM Panel Chair to deliver a cohesive and focused panel, to enable high standards of advice and reporting through providing effective insight and expertise.
  • Supporting the OIM’s delivery of expert and independent advice to the four administrations and legislatures on the potential impact of proposed regulatory changes on the UK internal market, leading task groups where necessary.
  • Supporting the OIM’s proactive and reactive monitoring, and reporting on the health of the UK internal market, including trends and developments across sectors and regions.
  • Participate in, and chair, Task Groups of the OIM Panel to ensure the OIM is able to carry out its statutory functions, supported by market intelligence from UK businesses, professionals and consumers.
  • Working with OIM staff to become a centre of excellence for delivering independent reporting on the UK internal market.
  • Being an ambassador for the OIM and lead engagement with stakeholders – businesses and professionals, representative and industry bodies, consumers and citizens – to understand the impact of regulations, whether proposed or implemented, on the UK internal market.
  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to equal opportunities, diversity of skills and experience

Person Specification

Your application must demonstrate substantial evidence of achievement in the following areas:

  • Strong understanding of relevant economic indicators and analytical approaches to developing and evaluating regulation
  • Exceptional communication skills including extensive experience of stakeholder engagement and a proven ability to interact with and tailor approach to varied stakeholders;
  • Working as a team to take sound and reasonable decisions whilst maintaining independence of thought and judgement;
  • Broad experience of regulatory frameworks across the UK and impact of regulation on business, professionals and consumers, including within one or more of the goods, services or professional qualifications sectors.

Additional Information

If you are shortlisted, due diligence will be carried out and your referees are likely to be contacted.

Please note feedback will not be provided after the shortlisting stage. Only candidates who attend an interview will be provided with feedback.

You will be asked to prepare some identification documents if you are invited to an interview – further information will be provided closer to the time.

Interviews are likely to be held remotely through Microsoft Teams.

Successful candidates will be required to have or be willing to obtain security clearance to Security Check (SC).

How to Apply

Your application is submitted in two parts.

Both parts must be submitted by 11pm on 22 August 2021 in order for your application to be considered complete. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Part one: CV and Statement of Suitability

  • You must submit one document which contains a two-page statement of suitability and two-page CV (no more than four sides of A4 in total). The key to a good application is to give the reader specific information about how you meet the criteria for appointment. Think about your knowledge, skills, experience and personal attributes, and take full advantage of the space available. Provide practical evidence that best demonstrates how you meet the es
  • Save the document as ‘Surname, First initial – URN 378 – OIM
  • Send to with ‘URN 378 – OIM’ in the subject heading.

Part two: Diversity Monitoring and Conflict of Interest Form.

  • Complete this form.
OIM Panel Member Candidate Pack - v1

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