Oil and Pipeline Agency Non-executive member: Interim appointment (Reappointment)

Body: Ministry of Defence
Appointing Department: Ministry of Defence
Number of Vacancies: 1


An announcement has been made on the outcome of this appointment.

Non-executive member: Interim appointment
Following a review by UK Government Investments which recommended appointing an independent NED in place of the Navy-appointed NED and for the appointment to follow the Public Appointments Governance Code and be regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. The Secretary of State for Defence has appointed Mark Eames as an interim non-executive independent member of the Oil and Pipeline Agency’s Board. The appointment is for twelve months from 14 July 2020-13 July 2021. This post is remunerated at £11,000 per annum for 20 days. A competition will commence shortly to make an appointment on a substantive basis and through fair and open competition. Under section 3.3 of the Governance Code on Public Appointments, the Secretary of State consulted with the Commissioner for Public Appointments about the interim appointment.

Date: 14/07/2020

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This is a reappointment

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