Police Member of the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel

Body: Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel
Appointing Department: Department for Education
Sectors: Charity & Public Sector, Communities, Education, Health and Social Care, Judicial, Prison & Policing, Regulation
Location: Panel meetings are likely to be held in London
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: £400 per day
Time Requirements: A minimum of 3 days per month. During the initial set-up period of the Panel there will likely be a greater time commitment necessary

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications


  • Panel Sift


  • Final Interview Date

    Morning of 16/05/2018

  • Announcement



Assessment Panel

  • Steph Brivio

    Panel Chair

    Deputy Director of Children’s Social Care, Innovation, Practice and Reform • Departmental Official

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  • Simon Bailey

    Chief Constable of the Norfolk Constabulary and the National Police Chief's Council lead on child protection • Independent Member

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  • Heather Caudle

    Director of Nursing for Improvement at NHS England • Independent Member

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Vacancy Description

Last year the Government legislated for the creation of a new national Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel. The Panel will be chaired by Edward Timpson CBE, and will be operational in the summer of this year.

The Panel will have the power to commission and supervise national reviews of child safeguarding cases which they believe could result in national learning. Improvements the Panel identify from reviews will give those who work with children the knowledge of how to improve their working practices, and how to work together more effectively.

The Panel will be independent of Government, and command a high profile across the sector and in the media.

We have undergone a round of recruitment for the chair and members, from which a diverse range of candidates with different backgrounds and perspectives has been recruited. This short recruitment campaign is therefore solely aimed at attracting applicants with experience of safeguarding from a police perspective. As one of the key agencies involved in keeping children safe, it is vital that the Panel has expertise in this area.

Person Specification

To deliver in the role, it is essential that you are able to demonstrate:

  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to work collaboratively with others, actively and constructively contribute to discussions, negotiating between conflicting opinions and values and generating options to reach consensus;
  • The ability to think logically and objectively to analyse critically, synthesise and evaluate evidence and information from diverse sources and identify key issues, making effective, impartial and balanced decisions;
  • The ability to bring authority, knowledge, and breadth to a complex and multi-faceted issue of great public interest and importance;
  • The confidence to deal with difficult situations sensitively, and to take and be accountable for decisions;
  • An appreciation of equality and diversity and a willingness to champion difference; and
  • Evidence of working successfully in a professional, community or voluntary capacity on committees or other decision-making groups, and reaching impactful and timely conclusions.

Specific to your role as a member with police experience, we will be looking for you to be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of how the child safeguarding system operates and the challenges the system faces; and/or
  • Understanding of the role that the police has in promoting and safeguarding children’s welfare and of working together with other partners.
  • Understanding of the importance of listening to the voice and experiences of the child in serious safeguarding cases.

How to Apply

To apply, you should submit:

  • Your CV, in no more than two sides of A4
  • A supporting statement demonstrating how you meet the person specification, in no more than two sides of A4
  • Diversity and Equal Opportunities
  • All forms in the applicant information pack, which includes:
    • Candidate application form (p10)
    • Conflict of interest (p12)
    • Due diligence (p13)
    • Political activity (p14)
    • Guaranteed interview scheme, if applicable (p15)
    • Data Protection (p16)

The closing date for applications is 13th May 2018 11.00pm.

We cannot accept applications submitted after the closing date.

You can submit your application by email to: PublicAppointments.APPLICATIONS@education.gov.uk

Please include the vacancy title in the subject box. Please submit your applications documents as separate attachments. We cannot consider incomplete or partially submitted applications.

Alternatively, you can send your application via post to:

HR, Public Appointments
Ground Floor
Bishopsgate House

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