Reappointment of the Chair of the Disclosure and Barring Service (Reappointment)

Body: Home Office
Appointing Department: Home Office
Number of Vacancies: 1


An announcement has been made on the outcome of this appointment.


Dr Gillian Fairfield, Chair of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has been reappointed for a second term of 3 years. This reappointment, commencing on 1st December 2021, has been made in accordance with the Governance Code on Public Appointments.


Dr Gillian Fairfield has been Chair of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Board since December 2018.
Gillian has worked in clinical, managerial and leadership roles across different sectors and specialities, in hospitals, general practice and public health. Gillian has held four different CEO posts in both mental health and acute Trusts, within the NHS.

In 2012, Gillian was appointed a Board Member of the National Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (YJB) by the Justice Secretary. She chaired the YJB Performance committee and was a member of the Finance Audit and Risk committee and the national Youth Justice Oversight group. She stood down in December 2021 when her tenure came to an end.

Chair, DBS

The DBS Chair is responsible for leading the Board in carrying out its responsibilities to deliver ministerial expectations and the performance objectives of the DBS. As such, the DBS Chair is generally responsible to the Home Secretary for the governance and performance of the DBS.

Date: 19/01/2022

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