S4C Chair / Cadeirydd S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru)

Body: S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru)
Appointing Department: Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Sectors: Business, Finance & Skills, Communities, Culture, Media & Sport
Location: The S4C Board meets monthly, normally in S4C’s new headquarters in Carmarthen, although the Board also meets in other locations during the year and also holds public meetings across Wales every year. The Chair will also be required to attend industry engagements. Mae Bwrdd S4C yn cyfarfod yn fisol, a hynny fel arfer ym mhencadlys newydd S4C yng Nghaerfyrddin, er ei fod hefyd yn cyfarfod mewn lleoliadau eraill yn ystod y flwyddyn ac yn cynnal cyfarfodydd cyhoeddus ledled Cymru bob blwyddyn. Bydd gofyn i’r Cadeirydd fynychu digwyddiadau’r diwydiant hefyd.
Skills required: Audit and Risk, Business / Commercial, Change Management, Communication / Media / Marketing
Number of Vacancies: 1
Remuneration: £40 000 per annum. Reasonable expenses may be claimed. £40,000 y flwyddyn. Ceir hawlio treuliau rhesymol.
Time Requirements: The Chair’s time commitment will be equivalent to two days a week. Bydd ymrwymiad amser y Cadeirydd gyfwerth â dau ddiwrnod yr wythnos.


An announcement has been made on the outcome of this appointment.

Secretary of State Appoints Rhodri Williams as S4C Chair

Rhodri Williams has been appointed by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as the Chair of S4C, for four years from 1 April 2020.

Rhodri Williams was Ofcom’s Director in Wales from 2004 to 2018 leading the communications regulator’s work in Wales and its engagement with the Welsh Government, elected representatives and stakeholders. Prior to joining Ofcom he served as Chair of the Welsh Language Board from 1999 to 2004 where he led the Board’s vision and strategy and developed the first strategic national Welsh language action plan. He began his career as a journalist with ITV in Wales in 1982, working on S4C’s flagship current affairs series Y Byd ar Bedwar.

In 1989 he co-founded independent production company Agenda Television (now Tinopolis) which soon became Wales’ largest production company. He was the founding editor of S4C’s nightly magazine programme Heno, which remains at the heart of S4C’s output. Rhodri Williams joined the S4C Authority in July 2018 and is currently the Chair of its Content Committee. Since November 2019 he has been a member of the board of the Consumer Council for Water and the Chair of its Wales Committee. He lives in Carmarthenshire with his wife Elinor and two children.

The appointment of the S4C Chair has been made on merit, following a fair, open, and transparent competition, regulated by the Commissioner for Public appointments. This appointment has been made in accordance with the Cabinet Office Governance Code for Public Appointments. Under the Broadcasting Act 1990, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport makes the appointment of the S4C Chair. Remuneration for this role is £40,000 for up to two days per week. In accordance with the Governance Code on Public Appointments, any significant political activity undertaken by an appointee in the last five years must be declared. This is defined as including holding office, public speaking, making a recordable donation, or candidature for election. Rhodri has not declared any political activity.

Campaign Timeline

  • Competition Launched


  • Closed for Applications

    17/07/2019 at 10:00

  • Panel Sift


  • Final Interview Date


  • Announcement



Assessment Panel

Vacancy Description

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is seeking an outstanding individual with demonstrable leadership skills and a passion for the development of the Welsh language and public service broadcasting and media to chair S4C.

Please refer to all the attached documents for full details about this role. 


S4C is the Welsh language public service broadcaster and media provider. S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru – the Welsh Fourth Channel) is a statutory corporation, originally established in 1982 and now regulated by the Communications Act 2003 and the Broadcasting Act 1990.

S4C provides high quality content and media services in the Welsh language, offering entertainment, information and inspiration, which aim to reach the widest audience possible across a range of contemporary platforms throughout Wales, the UK and beyond.

It is the duty of S4C’s Board to ensure that S4C represents a public service for the dissemination of information, education and entertainment. The Board is responsible for ensuring that effective corporate governance and management arrangements, including financial management, are in place for S4C’s public and commercial services. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the independence of S4C is safeguarded.

The S4C Board must have a detailed understanding of online and broadcasting developments and of devolved government in Wales and take into account cultural and other initiatives when determining its strategy.

As a commissioner-broadcaster with a commitment to the independent production sector, S4C makes an important contribution to the creative economy in Wales.

Following the independent review of S4C published in March 2018, the governance of S4C is now based on a Unitary Board model (in place of the previous non-exec Authority Board). Until primary legislation is introduced to facilitate a number of elements of the proposed structure, the Board shall operate as a Shadow Unitary Board in accordance with the Board’s new Standing Orders. The appointed Chair is expected to continue into the role of Chair of the statutory board when it is constituted.

Further information regarding S4C can be found in the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts:

S4C continues to have a crucial role in contributing to the Welsh Government’s priorities for the creative industries and has an important part to play in delivering the vision set out in the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language Strategy and the goal of reaching a million Welsh speakers by 2050.


The Role of the Board

S4C is an independent body with a number of areas of responsibility – that of a broadcaster, a scrutiny role (including a very small number of regulatory responsibilities), a management role, a regulator and a public role. Candidates need to demonstrate an appreciation of each and the ability to contribute to the Board’s work in each of these areas.

Further information regarding the S4C Board can be found in the Governance Report in the Annual Report here.


Broadcasting Role

The Board is responsible for the provision of S4C’s Welsh language television and online services.

The Board does not get involved in day to day editorial decisions, although it does develop and set the strategy for S4C’s services and oversees regulatory compliance of S4C’s services with the relevant Ofcom provisions.  The Board approves the Content Strategy, the Annual Statement of Programme Policy, the Annual Work Plan and any services for which a statutory order is required.

The Board monitors performance against its performance measurement framework, the Programme Strategy, the requirements of the Partnership, Funding and Accountability Agreement and the public service remit through annual reviews and by measuring and publishing targets in the Annual Report.


Scrutiny Role

S4C’s television service is regulated by Ofcom under the provisions of the Communications Act 2003.

The Board’s scrutiny role complements Ofcom’s regulatory role. As an independent body S4C is able to set objectives and a performance measurement framework in order to fulfil its public service remit and to ensure that the objectives it has set are met. This work includes:

  • Ensuring and monitoring that S4C’s services comply with all relevant legislation, regulatory requirements, agreements and codes;
  • Approving and reviewing codes and policies;
  • Obtaining and reviewing independent research on public opinion on S4C’s services, the effects of the services on viewers and the types of programmes that the public would like to see broadcast on S4C;
  • Overseeing and monitoring the systems in place to ensure that S4C’s broadcasting service and management services can act in an appropriately independent manner without any external interference;
  • Determining matters of compliance (including for ‘on-demand’ services), other than those for which Ofcom has responsibility;
  • Establishing and operating an effective complaints policy and procedure.


Management Role

The Board does not make day to day editorial or commissioning decisions relating to the management of S4C’s services, although the Board is responsible for developing and approving S4C’s creative strategy.

The Board has delegated the delivery of S4C’s public services and other activities, within a framework set by the Board, to the Chief Executive. However; the Board does have specific management tasks including:

  • ensuring that S4C is accountable for all public spending by approving and overseeing effective management, audit and corporate governance procedures;
  • reviewing the delivery of agreed objectives by monitoring performance, holding the S4C Management Team to account for its performance in delivering S4C’s services and other activities;
  • appointing the Chief Executive and the Secretary, and approving the salary framework for S4C staff;
  • approving and reviewing S4C’s main policies;
  • approving the annual budget, scrutinising management accounts and the annual Statement of Accounts;
  • securing and monitoring effective financial arrangements and appointing the external and internal auditors; and
  • setting the strategy for S4C’s commercial activities.


Public Role

The Chair and the Board are the public face of S4C and together have a responsibility to be accessible to the public and other stakeholders. This includes responsibility for explaining S4C’s role and its performance and responding to appropriate consultations.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that S4C’s services are safeguarded against political or any other inappropriate interference.


The Role of the Chair of S4C

The Chair shares the responsibilities of the Board and is expected to:

  • Work closely on a non-executive basis with the Chief Executive and Secretary; supporting the Chief Executive in his role as accounting officer and providing guidance advice and support to him and the Management Team;
  • Ensure high standards of corporate governance are put in place and are operational within the Board, its committees and across all of S4C’s activities;
  • Lead the development of the partnership relationship with the BBC at a strategic and Board level, working closely with the Chief Executive and Secretary to implement the relationship;
  • Work closely with DCMS and other stakeholders including the Welsh Government and the independent sector;
  • Represent S4C in its dealings with Ministers both within the UK government and the Welsh Government;
  • Undertake a wide range of public relations duties on behalf of S4C as the public face of S4C, including chairing public meetings across Wales, responding to the press and attending frequent public functions;
  • Promote S4C in the public arena within Wales and beyond;
  • Ensure a thorough understanding of the work of S4C as a public service broadcaster and media provider and of the television and digital sectors in Wales, in the UK and in an international context;
  • Develop and lead the Board’s annual work plan, including all associated arrangements for meetings of the Board and its committees and attending meetings as required;
  • Monitor board members’ performance and provide advice to the Secretary of State on the appointment and reappointment of members.


Mae’r Adran dros Ddigidol, Diwylliant, y Cyfryngau a Chwaraeon yn ceisio unigolyn eithriadol a chanddo sgiliau arwain amlwg a brwdfrydedd dros ddatblygu’r Gymraeg a darlledu gwasanaeth cyhoeddus a’r cyfryngau i gadeirio S4C.

Cyfeiriwch at yr holl ddogfennau atodedig i gael manylion llawn am y rôl hon.



S4C yw’r darlledwr gwasanaeth cyhoeddus a’r darparwr cyfryngau iaith Gymraeg. Mae S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru) yn gorfforaeth statudol, a sefydlwyd yn wreiddiol ym 1982 ac a reoleiddir bellach gan Ddeddf Cyfathrebiadau 2003 a Deddf Darlledu 1990.

Mae S4C yn darparu cynnwys a gwasanaethau cyfryngau o ansawdd uchel yn y Gymraeg, gan gynnig adloniant, gwybodaeth ac ysbrydoliaeth, sy’n ceisio cyrraedd y gynulleidfa ehangaf posibl ar draws ystod o lwyfannau cyfoes ledled Cymru, y Deyrnas Unedig (DU) a thu hwnt.

Mae’n ddyletswydd ar Fwrdd S4C i sicrhau bod S4C yn cynrychioli gwasanaeth cyhoeddus er mwyn lledaenu gwybodaeth, addysg ac adloniant. Mae’r Bwrdd yn gyfrifol am sicrhau bod trefniadau llywodraethu corfforaethol a rheoli effeithiol, gan gynnwys rheolaeth ariannol, yn bodoli ar gyfer gwasanaethau cyhoeddus a masnachol S4C. Mae’r Bwrdd hefyd yn gyfrifol am sicrhau bod annibyniaeth S4C yn cael ei diogelu.

Mae’n rhaid i Fwrdd S4C feddu ar ddealltwriaeth fanwl o ddatblygiadau ar-lein a darlledu, yn ogystal â llywodraeth ddatganoledig yng Nghymru, ac ystyried mentrau diwylliannol a mentrau eraill wrth benderfynu ar ei strategaeth.

Fel darlledwr sy’n comisiynu, sydd ag ymrwymiad i’r sector cynhyrchu annibynnol, mae S4C yn gwneud cyfraniad pwysig i’r economi greadigol yng Nghymru.

Yn dilyn yr adolygiad annibynnol o S4C a gyhoeddwyd ym mis Mawrth 2018, mae S4C yn cael ei llywodraethu bellach yn unol â model Bwrdd Unedol (yn lle’r Bwrdd Awdurdod anweithredol blaenorol). Hyd nes y cyflwynir deddfwriaeth sylfaenol i hwyluso nifer o elfennau’r strwythur arfaethedig, bydd y Bwrdd yn gweithredu fel Bwrdd Unedol Cysgodol yn unol â Gorchmynion Sefydlog newydd y Bwrdd. Disgwylir i’r Cadeirydd a benodir barhau i weithredu fel Cadeirydd y bwrdd statudol pan gaiff ei gyfansoddi.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth am S4C ar gael yn yr Adroddiad Blynyddol a Datganiad Ariannol:

Mae gan S4C rôl hollbwysig o hyd o ran cyfrannu at flaenoriaethau Llywodraeth Cymru ar gyfer y diwydiannau creadigol ac mae ganddi ran bwysig i’w chwarae wrth gyflawni’r weledigaeth a nodir yn Strategaeth Iaith Gymraeg Llywodraeth Cymru a’r nod o gyrraedd miliwn o siaradwyr Cymraeg erbyn 2050.


Rôl y Bwrdd

Mae S4C yn gorff annibynnol a chanddo nifer o feysydd cyfrifoldeb – darlledwr, rôl graffu (gan gynnwys nifer fach iawn o gyfrifoldebau rheoleiddio), rôl reoli, rheoleiddiwr a rôl gyhoeddus. Bydd angen i ymgeiswyr ddangos dealltwriaeth o bob rôl a’r gallu i gyfrannu at waith y Bwrdd ym mhob un o’r meysydd hyn.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth am Fwrdd S4C ar gael yn yr Adroddiad Llywodraethiant yn yr Adroddiad Blynyddol yma.


Rôl Ddarlledu

Mae’r Bwrdd yn gyfrifol am ddarparu gwasanaethau teledu ac ar-lein S4C yn yr iaith Gymraeg.

Nid yw’r Bwrdd yn ymwneud â’r penderfyniadau golygyddol a wneir o ddydd i ddydd, er ei fod yn datblygu a gosod y strategaeth ar gyfer gwasanaethau S4C ac yn goruchwylio cydymffurfiaeth gwasanaethau S4C â darpariaethau perthnasol Ofcom. Mae’r Bwrdd yn cymeradwyo’r Strategaeth Cynnwys, y Datganiad Polisi Rhaglenni Blynyddol, y Cynllun Gwaith Blynyddol ac unrhyw wasanaethau y mae angen gorchymyn statudol ar eu cyfer.

Mae’r Bwrdd yn monitro perfformiad yn erbyn ei fframwaith mesur perfformiad, y Strategaeth Rhaglenni, gofynion y Cytundeb Partneriaeth, Ariannu ac Atebolrwydd a’r cylch gwaith gwasanaeth cyhoeddus trwy gyfrwng adolygiadau blynyddol a thrwy fesur a chyhoeddi targedau yn yr Adroddiad Blynyddol.


Rôl Graffu

Mae gwasanaeth teledu S4C yn cael ei reoleiddio gan Ofcom o dan ddarpariaethau Deddf Cyfathrebiadau 2003.

Mae rôl graffu’r Bwrdd yn cyd-fynd â rôl reoleiddiol Ofcom. Fel corff annibynnol, gall S4C bennu amcanion a fframwaith mesur perfformiad er mwyn cyflawni ei chylch gwaith gwasanaeth cyhoeddus, ac er mwyn sicrhau bod yr amcanion a osodwyd ganddi’n cael eu bodloni. Mae’r gwaith hwn yn cynnwys:

  • Monitro a sicrhau bod gwasanaethau S4C yn cydymffurfio â’r holl ddeddfwriaeth, gofynion rheoleiddiol, cytundebau a chodau perthnasol;
  • Cymeradwyo ac adolygu codau a pholisïau;
  • Sicrhau ac adolygu gwaith ymchwil annibynnol sy’n ceisio barn y cyhoedd am wasanaethau S4C, effeithiau’r gwasanaethau ar wylwyr a’r mathau o raglenni yr hoffai’r cyhoedd eu gweld yn cael eu darlledu ar S4C;
  • Monitro a goruchwylio’r systemau sy’n bodoli i sicrhau bod gwasanaethau darlledu a rheoli S4C yn gallu gweithredu mewn ffordd addas heb unrhyw ymyrraeth allanol;
  • Pennu materion cydymffurfio (gan gynnwys ar gyfer gwasanaethau ‘ar-alw’), heblaw am y rhai y mae Ofcom yn gyfrifol amdanynt;
  • Gosod a gweithredu polisi a gweithdrefn gwyno effeithiol.


Rôl Reoli

Nid yw’r Bwrdd yn ymwneud â phenderfyniadau golygyddol neu gomisiynu a wneir o ddydd i ddydd mewn perthynas â rheoli gwasanaethau S4C, er ei fod yn gyfrifol am ddatblygu a chymeradwyo strategaeth greadigol S4C.

Mae’r Bwrdd wedi dirprwyo’r cyfrifoldeb o ddarparu gwasanaethau cyhoeddus a gweithgareddau eraill S4C, o fewn fframwaith a osodwyd gan y Bwrdd, i’r Prif Weithredwr. Fodd bynnag, mae gan y Bwrdd dasgau rheoli penodol i’w cyflawni, gan gynnwys:

  • sicrhau bod S4C yn atebol am yr holl wariant cyhoeddus trwy gymeradwyo a goruchwylio gweithdrefnau rheoli, archwilio a llywodraethu corfforaethol effeithiol;
  • adolygu’r broses o gyflawni amcanion cytunedig trwy fonitro perfformiad, a sicrhau bod Tîm Rheoli S4C yn atebol am ei berfformiad wrth ddarparu gwasanaethau a gweithgareddau eraill S4C;
  • penodi’r Prif Weithredwr a’r Ysgrifennydd, a chymeradwyo’r fframwaith cyflogau ar gyfer staff S4C;
  • cymeradwyo ac adolygu prif bolisïau S4C;
  • cymeradwyo’r gyllideb flynyddol, a chraffu ar gyfrifon rheoli a’r Datganiad Ariannol blynyddol;
  • sicrhau a monitro trefniadau ariannol effeithiol a phenodi’r archwilwyr allanol a mewnol; a
  • gosod y strategaeth ar gyfer gweithgareddau masnachol S4C.


Rôl Gyhoeddus

Y Cadeirydd a’r Bwrdd yw wyneb cyhoeddus S4C a, chyda’i gilydd, mae ganddynt gyfrifoldeb i fod ar gael i’r cyhoedd ac i randdeiliaid eraill. Mae hyn yn cynnwys cyfrifoldeb am esbonio rôl S4C a’i pherfformiad, ac ymateb i ymgynghoriadau priodol.

Mae’r Bwrdd yn gyfrifol am sicrhau bod gwasanaethau S4C yn cael eu diogelu rhag ymyrraeth wleidyddol neu unrhyw ymyrraeth amhriodol arall.


Rôl Cadeirydd S4C

Mae’r Cadeirydd yn rhannu cyfrifoldebau’r Bwrdd a disgwylir iddo/iddi:

  • Weithio’n agos ar sail anweithredol gyda’r Prif Weithredwr a’r Ysgrifennydd; cefnogi’r Prif Weithredwr yn ei rôl fel swyddog cyfrifo a darparu cyngor, arweiniad a chymorth iddo ef/iddi hi a’r Tîm Rheoli;
  • Sicrhau bod safonau llywodraethu corfforaethol uchel yn bodoli ac ar waith o fewn y Bwrdd, ei bwyllgorau ac ar draws holl weithgareddau S4C;
  • Arwain wrth ddatblygu’r berthynas bartneriaeth â’r BBC ar lefel strategol ac ar lefel y Bwrdd, gan weithio’n agos gyda’r Prif Weithredwr a’r Ysgrifennydd i roi’r berthynas ar waith;
  • Gweithio’n agos gyda’r DCMS a rhanddeiliaid eraill, gan gynnwys Llywodraeth Cymru a’r sector annibynnol;
  • Cynrychioli S4C wrth ymwneud â Gweinidogiono fewn llywodraeth y DUa  Llywodraeth Cymru;
  • Ymgymryd ag ystod eang o ddyletswyddau cysylltiadau cyhoeddus ar ran S4C fel wyneb cyhoeddus S4C, gan gynnwys cadeirio cyfarfodydd cyhoeddus ledled Cymru, ymateb i’r wasg a mynychu digwyddiadau cyhoeddus yn aml;
  • Hyrwyddo S4C yn y maes cyhoeddus, yng Nghymru a thu hwnt;
  • Magu dealltwriaeth drylwyr o waith S4C fel darlledwr gwasanaeth cyhoeddus a darparwr cyfryngau, ac o’r sectorau teledu a digidol yng Nghymru, yn y DU ac mewn cyd-destun rhyngwladol;
  • Datblygu ac arwain cynllun gwaith blynyddol y Bwrdd, gan gynnwys yr holl drefniadau cysylltiedig ar gyfer cyfarfodydd y Bwrdd a’i bwyllgorau, a mynychu cyfarfodydd fel y bo’r angen;
  • Monitro perfformiad aelodau’r Bwrdd a rhoi cyngor i’r Ysgrifennydd Gwladol ar benodi ac ailbenodi aelodau.


Person Specification

The Person

We are looking for an outstanding individual with significant leadership skills and a commitment to public service broadcasting and the development of the Welsh language.

Essential Criteria

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate:

  • an understanding of, and commitment to, S4C’s objectives;
  • an understanding of, and a commitment to the challenges and opportunities facing the development of the Welsh language;
  • excellent leadership skills and ability to chair effectively at senior board level;
  • the ability to lead and develop strategy and decision making across the range of the Board’s responsibilities;
  • excellent communication skills and the ability to represent S4C with confidence to the public, Government and a wide range of stakeholder groups;
  • a commitment to effective financial stewardship and ability to ensure value for money is achieved;
  • an understanding of the key challenges facing S4C, public service broadcasting and the wider media sector in Wales;
  • a commitment to equal opportunities and diversity; and
  • as the Board conducts most of its business in Welsh, applicants will need to be a fluent Welsh speaker.


Yr Unigolyn

Rydym yn chwilio am unigolyn eithriadol sydd â sgiliau arwain sylweddol ac ymrwymiad i ddarlledu gwasanaeth cyhoeddus a datblygu’r iaith Gymraeg.

Meini Prawf Hanfodol

Mae’n rhaid i’r ymgeisydd llwyddiannus allu dangos:

  • dealltwriaeth o amcanion S4C ac ymrwymiad iddynt;
  • dealltwriaeth o’r heriau a’r cyfleoedd sy’n wynebu datblygiad yr iaith Gymraeg, ac ymrwymiad iddynt;
  • sgiliau arwain rhagorol a’r gallu i gadeirio’n effeithio ar lefel bwrdd uwch;
  • y gallu i arwain a datblygu strategaeth a gwneud penderfyniadau ar draws cyfrifoldebau amrywiol y Bwrdd;
  • sgiliau cyfathrebu rhagorol a’r gallu i gynrychioli S4C yn hyderus i’r cyhoedd, y Llywodraeth ac ystod eang o grwpiau rhanddeiliaid;
  • ymrwymiad i stiwardiaeth ariannol effeithiol a’r gallu i sicrhau y cyflawnir gwerth am arian;
  • dealltwriaeth o’r prif heriau sy’n wynebu S4C, darlledu gwasanaeth cyhoeddus a’r sector cyfryngau ehangach yng Nghymru;
  • ymrwymiad i gyfle cyfartal ac amrywiaeth; ac
  • gan fod y Bwrdd yn cynnal y rhan fwyaf o’i waith yn y Gymraeg, bydd angen i ymgeiswyr fod yn siaradwyr Cymraeg rhugl.


Additional Information


S4C provides content that informs, educates and entertains its audience. To do that, the Board must represent and reflect the diversity of audience in Wales and across the UK. We hope to attract a strong, diverse group of applicants from a range of backgrounds, with a high level of achievement in the private, public or voluntary sectors.


Political activity and conflicts of interest

All Board members are required to declare publicly any interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect in any other political party, business, enterprise or organisation (including any work for other organisations) which might affect the impartiality of the duties that director might be required to undertake for S4C. Applicants will be required to declare all current interests as part of the application process. S4C might require the preferred candidate for the position of Chair of S4C if s/he declares a potential conflict of interest to relinquish that interest if it is incompatible with membership of the Board and it is either not possible, or not appropriate, to put in place arrangements to deal with the potential conflict.


Duration of Appointment

The appointment will be for an initial term of four years. After that period, the appointment may be extended, subject to review.


Start Date

It is expected that the new Chair would take up their appointment in Autumn 2019.

Appointment Process

Appointments to the S4C Board are made by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Welsh Ministers are consulted at key stages of the process.

The preferred candidate for the position of Chair of S4C will appear before a joint meeting of the Welsh Affairs and Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committees for a pre-appointment hearing. Please see the additional documentation regarding this. 

DCMS promotes an equal opportunities policy. Applications are welcomed regardless of gender, age, marital status, disability, religion, ethnic origin, political opinion, sexual orientation or whether or not you have dependents.

Appointments are made on merit, and the process is regulated by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments.  More detail, including the regulations that appointing bodies are required to follow, is available at the Public Appointments Commissioner’s website. Applicants are expected to have adhered to the Seven Principles of Public Life. 



Mae S4C yn darparu cynnwys sy’n hysbysu, addysgu a difyrru ei chynulleidfa. Er mwyn gwneud hynny, mae’n rhaid i’r Bwrdd gynrychioli ac adlewyrchu amrywiaeth y gynulleidfa yng Nghymru ac ar draws y DU. Gobeithiwn ddenu grŵp cryf ac amrywiol o ymgeiswyr o ystod o wahanol gefndiroedd, sydd wedi cyflawni’n uchel yn y sectorau preifat, cyhoeddus neu wirfoddol.


Gweithgarwch gwleidyddol a gwrthdaro buddiannau

Mae’n ofynnol i bob aelod o’r Bwrdd ddatgan yn gyhoeddus unrhyw fuddiant, ariannol neu fel arall, uniongyrchol neu anuniongyrchol mewn unrhyw blaid wleidyddol, busnes, menter neu sefydliad arall (gan gynnwys unwaith waith i sefydliadau eraill) a allai effeithio ar ddidueddrwydd y dyletswyddau y gallai fod gofyn i’r cyfarwyddwr hwnnw eu cyflawni ar ran S4C. Bydd yn ofynnol i ymgeiswyr ddatgan pob buddiant cyfredol yn rhan o’r broses ymgeisio. Os bydd yr ymgeisydd a ffefrir ar gyfer swydd Cadeirydd S4C yn datgan gwrthdaro buddiannau posibl, gallai S4C fynnu ei fod/ei bod yn ildio’r buddiant hwnnw os yw’n anghydnaws ag aelodaeth â’r Bwrdd ac nid yw’n bosibl, nac yn briodol, rhoi trefniadau ar waith i ymdrin â’r gwrthdaro posibl.


Tymor y Penodiad

Bydd y penodiad am dymor cychwynnol o bedair blynedd. Wedi hynny, gallai’r penodiad gael ei ymestyn, yn amodol ar adolygiad.


Dyddiad Dechrau

Disgwylir i’r Cadeirydd newydd ddechrau’r swydd yn yr hydref 2019.


Y Broses Benodi

Mae penodiadau i Fwrdd S4C yn cael eu gwneud gan yr Ysgrifennydd Gwladol dros Ddigidol, Diwylliant, y Cyfryngau a Chwaraeon. Ymgynghorir â Gweinidogion Cymru ar gamau allweddol y broses.

Bydd yr ymgeisydd a ffefrir ar gyfer swydd Cadeirydd S4C yn ymddangos gerbron cyfarfod ar y cyd o’r Pwyllgorau Dethol ar Faterion Cymreig a Digidol, Diwylliant, y Cyfryngau a Chwaraeon ar gyfer gwrandawiad cyn-benodi.

Mae DCMS yn hyrwyddo polisi cyfle cyfartal. Croesawir ceisiadau yn anwahaniaethol ar sail rhyw, oed, statws priodasol, anabledd, crefydd, tarddiad ethnig, barn wleidyddol, tueddfryd rhywiol neu b’un a oes gennych ddibynyddion ai peidio.

Gwneir apwyntiadau ar sail teilyngdod, ac mae’r broses yn cael ei rheoleiddio gan Swyddfa’r Comisiynydd Penodiadau Cyhoeddus. Mae rhagor o fanylion, gan gynnwys y rheoliadau y mae’n ofynnol i gyrff penodi eu dilyn, ar gael ar wefan y Comisiynydd Penodiadau Cyhoeddus. Disgwylir i ymgeiswyr fod wedi glynu wrth y Saith Egwyddor Bywyd Cyhoeddus. 


How to Apply

To apply, please submit the following documents:

  • a CV of no more than two sides of A4;
  • a supporting statement of not more than two sides of A4, setting out how you meet the criteria (NB: make sure you refer to the contents of this document);
  • the Monitoring Forms concerning your personal information and political activity and the Declaration of Interests Form.

Completed applications should be emailed to: publicappointments@culture.gov.uk – please put S4C in the “subject” line to arrive no later than 10AM on 17 July 2019. Please note that applications after this time will not be considered.

Alternatively, if this is not possible, please post a hard copy to Christabel Austen, Public Appointments Team, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, 100 Parliament Street, London SW1A 2BQ.

Interviews are scheduled to take place in Cardiff on 18 September 2019. Shortlisted candidates will be given the opportunity to meet with the S4C Chief Executive in the run up to the interviews. 


Further information on how to apply can be obtained from:

Christabel Austen – Public Appointments Campaign Manager, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Email: Christabel.Austen@culture.gov.uk


Sut i Wneud Cais

I wneud cais, cyflwynwch y dogfennau canlynol:

  • CV nad yw’n fwy na dwy ochr A4;
  • datganiad ategol nad yw’n fwy na dwy ochr A4, sy’n amlinellu sut rydych yn bodloni’r meini prawf (DS: gwnewch yn siŵr eich bod yn cyfeirio at gynnwys y ddogfen hon);
  • y Ffurflenni Monitro sy’n ymwneud â’ch gwybodaeth bersonol a’ch gweithgarwch gwleidyddol; a’r
  • Ffurflen Datganiad Buddiannau.

Dylid anfon ceisiadau wedi’u cwblhau trwy neges e-bost at: publicappointments@culture.gov.uk – rhowch S4C yn y llinell “pwnc”, i gyrraedd erbyn 10AM ar 17 GORFFENNAF 2019 fan bellaf. Sylwer na fydd ceisiadau sy’n cyrraedd ar ôl yr adeg hon yn cael eu hystyried.

Fel arall, os nad yw hyn yn bosibl, postiwch gopi caled at Christabel Austen, y Tîm Penodiadau Cyhoeddus, yr Adran dros Ddigidol, Diwylliant, y Cyfryngau a Chwaraeon, 100 Parliament Street, Llundain SW1A 2BQ.

Bwriedir cynnal cyfweliadau yng Nghaerdydd at 18 MEDI 2019. Bwriedir cynnal cyfweliadau yng Nghaerdydd ar 18 Medi 2019. Bydd yr ymgeiswyr ar y rhestr fer yn cael cyfle i gyfarfod â Phrif Weithredwr S4C cyn y cyfweliadau.


Gellir cael rhagor o wybodaeth am sut i wneud cais gan:

Christabel Austen – Rheolwr Ymgyrchoedd Penodiadau Cyhoeddus, yr Adran dros Ddigidol, Diwylliant, y Cyfryngau a Chwaraeon, e-bost: Christabel.Austen@culture.gov.uk


S4C Chair Final Role Specification - Welsh
Ministerial Message - English
Details regarding the Pre-appointment scrutiny
Conflicts of Interest Form 2018
OCPA-July-2018-Monitoring-Form- FINAL (1)
OCPA Complaints Procedure (2016)
Privacy Notice- Public Appointments 2018 - applicants (2)
Ministerial Message - Cymraeg
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